CartoPac International: Mobile Solutions for Utility Asset Management

CartoPac International: Mobile Solutions for Utility Asset Management

CIO VendorBud Michael, CEO
Today, since employees and job locations are often spread out, organizations face challenges in finding a technology that can support the diverse needs for field data to manage the risks and regulatory compliance associated with installing, operating, and maintaining field assets. Collins, CO based CartoPac International, assists organizations by implementing a complete system to accurately record the location, description and condition of field assets, manage and track these assets and document the interventions with assets.

Under the dynamic leadership of Bud Michel, the CEO of CartoPac, the firm assists organizations in collecting asset inventory data, from any remote location with its unique mobile and location aware solution. This is accomplished by implementing a competent software system and a set of GPS enabled devices including line locators, laser range finders, and barcode scanners to accurately record the position, description, and evaluate field assets. The firm today partners with organizations to deliver intelligent GPS data collection, offering seamless workflow as well as easy integration with geographic information systems like ArcGIS Server, and GPS enabled devices. In addition, the real world data model support simplifies field data analysis and field assessment for a complete field view. With the solution, field staff can perform their job without internet or network connectivity offering an effective workflow in remote areas.

The CartoPac software suite is a combination of four components that includes the CartoPac studio, CartoPac mobile, CartoPac server, and CartoPac workflow manager. The firm’s software suite allows field service personnel to maximize their field productivity by providing a powerful, yet intuitive configuration tool that captures field data and streamlines the overall workflow.

With CartoPac suite, clients can collect data in real-time at the central office using the solution’s web portal that allows seamless data transfer from the field. The software enables organizations to manage and track all field users as well as the data collection efforts from a centralized location with ease of use and increased productivity. Adding up the advantages in field usage by simplifying the hardware support, the firm’s solutions are completely optimized for Trimble handheld mobile devices.

Furthermore, the CartoPac field solution is designed with a simple and user friendly interface that integrates with enterprise databases and applications, under a single platform for efficient field asset management. With CartoPac CORE, the firm also provides organizations with a complete SaaS platform meeting real world intelligent GPS data collection requirements across multiple industries. In addition to the CartoPac CORE, the firm’s three ready-to-use solutions including pre-configured, template and custom solutions further simplify field work.

CartoPac has assisted a wide range of industries like oil and gas, railroads, electric, or water utilities, in achieving excellent results. In a particular scenario, a client implemented CartoPac Field solution to handle the complex challenges faced in bringing WebDET and FVS databases into the field. The solution addressed these challenges by using custom forms on the Trimble mobile handheld device to accommodate the multiple workflows and seamless integration with Esri's ArcMap for data transfer.

With years of expertise and industry knowledge, the firm looks forward to offer field asset management solutions for businesses by leveraging the power of mobile and GPS technology, delivering operational efficiency, and seamless management.