ClickSoftware: Optimizing Field Service Engagement

ClickSoftware: Optimizing Field Service Engagement

Tom Heiser, CEO, ClickSoftwareTom Heiser, CEO
Organizations gaining clear insights into the location and distribution of resources and workforce can drastically drive business success through responsive services—to be held in real-time. With over three decades of expertise in technology and implementing customer experience solutions, Tom Heiser, CEO of ClickSoftware is successfully driving his company to cater to the advanced mobile and location aware needs of energy organizations. The firm offers innovative mobile platforms that feature advanced decision-making algorithms providing unparalleled visibility and control of assets and human resources. This helps managers optimize their company’s overall performance and business practices. ClickSoftware’s smart technologies, limitless technology-forward platforms, and the knowledge gained from long years of executing best practices is well equipped to provide a single mobile solution for a wide range of fieldwork applications.

ClickSoftware’s solutions provide transparency and immediate accessibility to all resources, enabling managers to seamlessly identify tools and equipment remotely. This helps clients to optimize and leverage their human resources, equipments, and crews for a wide range of field, asset and plant activities within a short period. The software provides upstream service organizations with clear operational awareness to channelize work according to priority. This allows for better management, visibility, and immediate access to all information to institute an optimal allocation of resources on demand. Further, to drive customer service, the firm’s mobile solution features integration of real-time updates of assets and workforce distribution in the field, in addition to enabling intelligent work schedule optimization. The optimization process is quick, automated and accurate enabling instant reshuffling of workforce schedules to support real-time appointment booking.

The company’s scheduling, mobility, and reporting tools ensure a streamlined solution to initiate, assign, monitor, dispatch, and collect all work details from the comforts of a single remote office.

Organizations gaining clear insights into the location and distribution of resources and workforce can drastically drive business success through responsive services

This reduces time and costs, while helping businesses adhere to defined policies and work procedures. ClickSoftware’s mobile solutions and applications interact with an organization’s existing EAM, ERP, HR and/or CRM systems, thereby eliminating the need for additional investment on new installations.

Being in the industry for over two decades delivering complete end-to-end mobile workforce solutions, the company’s deep expertise has helped larger organizations to overcome critical business roadblocks. For instance, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), one of the largest combined natural gas and electric utilities in the U.S. supplies household energy to people in northern and central California. The client was required to service approximately 50 million gas and electric customers, which required an efficient management of their electric and gas crew schedules. PG&E faced challenges in prioritizing work and were looking for a centralized scheduling solution with smart mobile capabilities. The customer wanted to view crew utilization rates easily and allow management to have a centralized control over scheduling of field crews. To overcome the challenges, PG&E implemented ClickSoftware’s mobile platform to enable scheduling and dispatch, work planning and service analytics. This provided greater visibility into the work performed by each crew as well as future work requirements on the schedule to quickly assign services saving much time.

Over the years, ClickSoftware has helped multitude of enterprises to move crews among service regions to ensure customers receive efficient services. Moving ahead, the firm plans to further improve their cloud applications to meet the future needs of field service providers. "Having managed multiple service engagements, and exclusively focused on providing field service technology—we know what it takes to help our customers to always be a step ahead of the demand, not just move in lockstep with it,” concludes Heiser.