InSight Mobile Data: GPS Monitoring of On-field Activities

InSight Mobile Data: GPS Monitoring of On-field Activities

John Eller,Founder & President, InSight Mobile DataJohn Eller,Founder & President
Today, many organizations in the energy sector have a limited view of their workforce, since they are spread across geographies, posing several challenges in keeping with uptime demands, honoring SLAs and achieving customer satisfaction. To address these challenges, an increasing number of organizations are seeking to leverage solutions that can deliver real-time information about on-field activities to be monitored from a control center, so as to regulate them better. Carving a niche for itself in addressing these challenges using GPS technology is InSight Mobile Data, a mobility solutions company based in California, MD. Since its inception, InSight Mobile Data has been providing real-time visibility into the mobile work environment by capturing, analyzing and integrating business-critical data from all mobile resources—vehicles, equipment and employees via one fully configurable and user-friendly platform.

With John Eller, Founder and President at its helm, InSight Mobile Data seeks to track the mobile workforce and their activities through its StreetEagle software, which is essentially a GPS tracking solution installable on devices such as smart phones and tablets. It contains several features to monitor the field assets as well as the personnel. The asset scanning function allows a company to track its field assets through barcodes; the field personnel can scan the barcode using a mobile device and relay the information back to the control room. Likewise, service personnel deployed by an organization to attend to the customers’ issues benefit from a host of services. Vehicles are equipped with a route optimization feature to display the shortest route to customer’s premises to save fuel; while real-time alerts are issued for speeding or unauthorized vehicle use. To enable field personnel to issue acknowledgements to the clients, a forms component has been added.

An electronic logbook to record the hours of service by each person is also embedded in StreetEagle. All these features and functionalities of StreetEagle have won the company numerous accolades from its customers.

In a certain instance, OnTime Ambulance, a leading provider of non-emergency ambulance services in New Jersey with over 135 vehicles, partnered with InSight to upgrade its mobile resource technology for its fleet. Prior to this, the company used the same technology merely to track the whereabouts of their ambulances to communicate the estimated time of arrival to their customers. However, very soon it was found necessary to track the overall functioning of vehicles and the drivers, as breakdowns impacted the business heavily. InSight Mobile Data developed powerful tools to monitor the drivers’ behavior apart from offering to replace obsolete GPS hardware for free. In a second instance, InSight assisted Roto Rooter, a trusted commercial and residential plumbing and drain service provider with a solution to locate, dispatch and monitor their field personnel which resulted in the client saving on overtime costs and vehicle operating expenses.

As an innovator, InSight Mobile Data constantly seeks to improve its solutions, either individually or through partnerships. The collaboration with Garmin has resulted in the Garmin navigation unit being integrated with StreetEagle platform to direct drivers to their destinations, apart from delivering messages and job assignments to each vehicle during navigation. In a recent development, the company has redesigned the StreetEagle mobile app to support plotting of multiple vehicle histories on a single map unlike most other fleet management solutions.

Going ahead, InSight plans to integrate WEX fuel data to manage fuel costs and consumption better; and also include a new excel-based data integration interface, which will allow users to import, export and manage data within the StreetEagle platform. Through its plans for deploying StreetEagle in construction companies to monitor the movement of construction material and personnel, InSight Mobile Data clearly looks forward to a bright future.