mJobTime Corporation: A Trailblazer in Field Resource Management

mJobTime Corporation: A Trailblazer in Field Resource Management

CIO VendorMike Soniat, Director of Technical Services Technology is overhauling business processes and bringing in a new wave of efficiency across the energy and construction industries. However, many companies in these sectors are still struggling with controlling labor costs and improving productivity. They are on the constant lookout for effective solutions that can cut costs by streamlining the time collection and equipment usage processes, documenting important job site activities, and allowing for up-to-the-minute comparisons of operating results and budgeted data. Based in Beaumont, TX, mJobTime Corporation has been solving these challenges for their clients since 1994. The company helps customers save time and money by streamlining the flow of information between the field and the office. “By making it easier and faster to record data in the field and send it to the office, our customers save thousands of hours in the field each year.” says Mike Soniat, Director of Technical Services, mJobTime Corporation. “Office workers no longer have to re-enter time from the field thus saving thousands more hours as well as minimizing errors and omissions.”

Mobility Suite–One Platform, Many Solutions

There can be a tremendous amount of activity that goes on at a job site. Employees working in the field are just one part of it. Keeping in mind the multiple requirements of energy companies, mJobTime Corporation offers its software on a modular basis, allowing each company to pick and choose from its Mobility Suite modules. The Mobility Suite possesses features that allow users to easily enter, review, edit, and approve labor hours. While the GPS Manager allows tracking the exact location of employees at clock-in and clock-out with built-in GPS technology, the Equipment Manager helps in tracking equipment usage for a job or project. One of the most powerful tools in the mJobTime Mobility Suite is the Daily Field Manager which allows tracking and documenting many different types of job information including weather, site conditions, accidents, meetings, per diem, equipment meter readings, and more. Having such documentation can potentially prevent or help companies win a lawsuit or judgment, or provide a resolution to an unsolved issue. In addition to all these modules, many companies opt for one other module— Budget Manager that facilitates monitoring operating results against budget benchmarks.

Flexibility plays a big role in making mJobTime a sought-after solution. It requires minimal manual entry and it easily interfaces with most popular accounting software systems.

Our solution utilizes the latest advances in mobile technology, but at the same time, doesn’t require extensive learning or advanced technical skills to operate

The company provides its software in hosted or licensed format with the ability to run on a large array of devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and time collection terminals including those with biometric scanners or handpunch readers. These tools are particularly beneficial to companies with large jobs that need to track time for a substantial number of employees. “We can integrate our software with more devices than almost all of our competitors,” states Soniat. Adding to the flexibility is a wide range of data input methods like real-time entry, manual (after-the-fact) entry, bar code scans, and pin number clock-ins. mJobTime also allows its customers to work in “off-line” mode when an Internet connection is not available. In this mode, the user continues to track time as they normally would, except that the data is stored in the device’s memory. When the connection is restored, the device transfers the time records to the data server.

While the features of the Mobility Suite enable field staff to quickly adapt to the software and collect the most important field information, the company further adds value to mJobTime with its System Manager. This is the repository for all records created in the field or office and allows management and payroll personnel to review, edit, and approve the records. It also provides flexible functionality for calculating overtime and inserting unpaid breaks, and handles a robust reporting system with powerful filtering and sorting capabilities. The System Manager is highly configurable and by using a flexible data-mapping utility, it seamlessly integrates with the customer’s accounting or ERP system, and payroll service. “Our solution utilizes the latest advances in mobile technology, but at the same time, doesn’t require extensive learning or advanced technical skills to operate,” states Soniat.

"Office workers no longer have to re-enter time from the field thus saving thousands more hours as well as minimizing errors and omissions"

Making an Impact by Saving Dollars and Hours

A great example is Aero Communications, Inc. (ACI), a fast-growing telecommunications technology firm with a Midwest and national footprint. ACI was struggling with monumental logistical issues in collecting labor time and other records from the field. Their administrative staff was forced to print standard job assignment sheets for daily distribution to field personnel. The sheets were then completed by hand and returned to the office at the end of each day.

"By making it easier and faster to record data in the field and send it to the office, our customers save thousands of hours in the field each year"

On occasion, some of these documents were illegible and some were even lost.

mJobTime was able to meet with company officials before installation, understand their needs and issues, and develop a customized solution for them. According to Jonathan Sirken, VP-Technology Services at Aero Communications, “With the help of customizations implemented by mJobTime, we could reduce our burden on our administrative staff involved in field data collection by 50 percent— saving $300,000 annually.”

The situation was more complicated with Hellas Construction, an Austin, TX based contractor specializing in the general construction of sports facilities and synthetic surfaces that was facing trouble in its manual time reporting system. Many of their shorter jobs were finished before they could figure out real time labor and budget issues. Their system was riddled with omissions, errors in time submissions, and inaccurate data entries, which was making it difficult to calculate and control job costs. The payroll processing required two administrators to work 60 hours a week to sort out all the issues and problems. With a determination to gain control of labor costs via an accurate time reporting process, Hellas selected and implemented mJobTime. Not only did mJobTime interface with their accounting software, it met their needs for customizability and flexibility as well. “We went from two payroll administrators working 60 hour weeks to 1.5 persons working 40 to 45 hours with near 100 percent accuracy. The accuracy alone saved us countless hours,” points Kim Schizas, Payroll Manager, Hellas Construction.

Going the Extra Mile

While offering state-of-the-art technology, mJobTime’s customer service goes the extra mile to establish a great user experience. Whether it is meeting with the customer beforehand to understand their requirements and goals, going onsite to the customer ’s offices for in-depth training and consulting, or spending extra time with technical support to insure a customer’s issues are fully and completely resolved, the company continues to believe in a customer-centric approach.

By providing great software and backing it up with outstanding technical service and support, mJobTime has steadily grown its customer base to include companies from across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Soniat positions integrity at the foundation of the company's work culture and concludes by saying, “The biggest source of our product development comes from existing customer input and requests. As a result, our product has continuously improved with meaningful upgrades that make our product more attractive to an increasingly large target market.”

- Syeda Tina Tabin
    January 30, 2017