Top 10 Vendors to Watch in Mobile and Location Aware Technology - 2017
mJobTime Corporation: A Trailblazer in Field Resource Management

Top 10 Vendors to Watch in Mobile and Location Aware Technology - 2017

Over the years, a significant technology transformation is sweeping through the global energy landscape. With a sizeable percentage of the workforce being field staff, the evolution of mobile and location aware technologies is tremendously helping the energy sector to improve safety, boost productivity, and save costs. Decision makers in this arena are on the lookout for new and innovative ways to reinvent themselves and take on challenges like monitoring and managing field staff and assets.

Today, the emphasis is more on enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of the field forces and gaining complete visibility of the field operations from a centralized control center. Mobile and location aware technologies are contributing immensely in capturing, storing, and transmitting real-time data toward creating a complete ecosystem of information exchange in real-time.

In a scenario, where efficiency and productivity are at the fore, mobile and location aware technologies assist in tracking of new generation facilities, providing help in determining the route for new transmission lines, and assessing demographic changes as part of long-term planning.

In the last few months, we have looked at a number of mobile and location-aware solution providers and have reviewed those that are at the forefront of meeting the challenges in this field. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts, along with Energy CIO Insight’s editorial board has selected the top players by virtue of their innovative and cost-effective solutions that add value to the energy realm. We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ Top 10 Vendors to Watch in Mobile and Location Aware Technology 2017.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
CartoPac International Provides comprehensive mobile and location aware solutions for the collection of field data critical to utility asset management
ClickSoftware Offers mobile solutions that help in seamlessly monitoring tools and workforce for better customer service
CompassData Provider of global ground control data, able to collect precise ground control information in remote and difficult to access areas to support required image or mapping requirements
Esri Helps to build and manage great information products by providing the ultimate platform for geospatial integration and application
EXL Helps clients streamline business operations, improve corporate finance, manage compliance, and create new channels for growth
Guardly Offers indoor positioning system that helps enterprises locate and neutralize threats and effectively respond to emergencies
InSight Mobile Data Develops innovative, flexible fleet management, asset tracking, and mobility solutions that provide real-time visibility into the mobile work environment
Mercatus Provides investment lifecycle management solution that empowers advanced energy companies to transform into a dynamic and agile business
mJobTime Corporation Advanced mobile time tracking and job tracking software for energy and construction companies
Tait Communications Designs, develops, manufactures, tests, deploys, and manages mobile and wireless communication environments for organizations